Hess Technology is a small company that was formed in 2002. Do not let the size of our company turn you away, there are many more advantages to a small company then a large company, number one reason, if you call us you get one of the owners not a call center! Our company was formed from a college BPA competition. Nathan and Cody were chosen to represent Alexandria Technical College for the website design and programming competion. After competing and winning the Minnesota state competition, our team was invitied to the national competion.

After being successfull with website design and programming in college, it was a given that we would start our company after graduating college. Since we started we have been turning heads and pushing the envelope of design and programming. We not only offer web site solutions but we have expanded our design capabilities to print design, graphic design, 3d and 2d illustrations, flashdesign ,logo design and marketing services.

Keeping things simple, if you have a idea we will take it from your idea to reality